The Emotion Kit is the perfect pack to provide you with endless activities and tasks to work on emotional development.


Each large kit includes:

  • A copy of the ABC Emotion Card Deck in a magnetic snap box (RRP $19)
  • A copy of the ABC Coping Cards in a magnetic snap box (RRP $19)
  • Two fidgets toy (both currently exclusive to The Emotion Kit)
  • A set of 8 emotion magnets (currently exclusive to The Emotion Kit)
  • A blow up thumb ball (currently exclusive to The Emotion Kit)
  • An emotion dice (currently exclusive to The Emotion Kit)
  • A 20cmx15cm canvas tote bag to create a self-esteem activity (instructions included)
  • Instruction cards which show different ways to use these materials for different activities


Please Note: if you already have the ABC Card Bundle, you can purchase the small kit, which will not charge you for the ABC cards you already own.


All items in the kit have been mindfully chose to compliment each other and lay the perfect foundation for developing the emotional vocabulary, emotional awareness, resilience, and self-regulation in kids. Each kit is packed in a canvas tote and takes up minimal space, meaning it can be stored easily in the home, clinic space, or classroom. The items in this kit help with the development of:


Emotional Awareness: essentially being able to identify the emotions you're experiencing at any given time. To manage your emotions effectively, you first need to be as sure as possible of what you're feeling.


Emotional Understanding: Emotion understanding may be defined as the child's understanding of the nature, causes, and control/regulation of emotion, or as the way in which the child identifies, predicts, and explains emotion in him/herself and others


Emotional Expression: Emotional expression refers to how one conveys emotional experience through both verbal and nonverbal behaviour. Emotional expression should be distinguished from emotional experience in that it is possible to experience emotions without expressing them.


Emotional Regulation: Emotional regulation, sometimes called self-regulation, refers to the way we deal with big feelings like anger, excitement, frustration, anxiety or low mood. Regulation skills can be taught at home and at school. Some people need extra help from a professional like a psychologist.


Please note: colours of fidget items may vary.

The Emotion Kit