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Worry flow charts are a great way to help children and adolescents with their decision making process. That being said, this activity works really well with adults as well. I often use it with adults who have anxiety or autism.


The first step to ensuring you are going to set your client up for success is to create an effective coping tool box for them. For younger clients, I find it helpful if they actually create a physical tool box (often a decorated old shoe box), with physical resources in it such as a stress ball or drawing materials. For adults,

this can be a metaphorical toolbox. I have provided an example of a toolbox in this document, as well as flow chart templates for you to print and use. I have included an example flow chart, and four blank ones. I often print one and laminate them so that I can use dry erase markers on means I'm not constantly rushing to print them before each session!

Worry Flow Chart

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