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This workbook was designed to explain the importance of safe online behaviour to kids and young teens. It aims to inform children and teens about the risks of using the internet in ways that are not considered 'safe.'


The following topics will be explored:

  • What do People Use the Internet For?
  • Asking Permission
  • Gaming & Making Friends Online
  • Social Media ('Perfect Pictures' & Dangers of Meeting Strangers)
  • Sharing Personal Information
  • Sharing Photos
  • Sexting
  • Cyber Bullying


This handbook has been written for use with children aged between 7-14. I have however designed the workbook so that you can choose which sections you wish to use. For example, if your child does not use online gaming platforms, you can simply choose not to introduce this topic with your child, and the workbook will still flow. Furthermore, if you are using this resource with a younger child, you may opt to remove the pages about sexting. It is completely your choice.


There are other sections that you may feel are not relevant to your situation as well. When printing the resource, simply do not include them. The content will flow regardless.


You will also find a section at the end of this workbook with 'useful links' that you can use to further inform you or your child on cyber safety.

Using The Internet Safely

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