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This resource includes both a workbook and a journal component. The activities included in the workbook were designed to introduce the concepts that I believe underly the practice of gratitude: positive thinking, being present, & self-care.


I would recommend working through the workbook with the child/teen to ensure they fully understand the concepts being introduced to them, prior to engaging in the journal. 


The journal component is an opportunity for the user to practice everything that has been discussed thus far in the workbook section of the resource. I have included an example template for you and the user to go through together, so they know exactly how to complete each page.


I have included 10 copies of the journal pages, so that the file would not be too big for you to download. You may however want to print additional pages for the user of the journal, so they have enough pages to last them a few months at a time.


I have also included a semi-blank template at the very end. This allows you some flexibility with the content, and allows you or the user to add their own suggestions on what they want to focus on when expressing gratitude.


I have specifically designed this resource for use between the ages of 10 and 15. However, as always, depending on the cognitive capacity of your child/student/client, it can be used between the ages of 8 (with guidance) and 17.


As always, I would recommend printing and binding the journal section of the resource so that it feels like a 'real' journal; something tangible that they can call their own.

Gratitude Workbook & Journal

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