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This two-part resource was designed to be used for both individual clients & in group settings. It includes information on friendships, good friends, bad friends, & bullying, while also discussing how to determine whether someone is a good/bad friend or a bully. It then includes several activities  to reinforce the learnt concepts, and have also included tasks that can be set for between sessions, or to be used in group sessions to develop social skills between children.


The content in this workbook can be used with clients aged between 8-14 and I have tried to include content that relates to both genders. You can always alter stories & scripts to make sure they work best with your audience.


The second part of this workbook is a journal that can be used in session or set for homework. You may want to print & bind this section for the user so it feels like a real journal. It has been designed to encourage children and teens to reflect on positive friendships and the ways they handle themselves with their friends.Each entry should be used to facilitate a discussion on friendships, and should be discussed in the next session. It is important to reflect on each journal entry with your client/student to ensure that a discussion is had on healthy friendships. There are blank templates also included for you to create your own reflection questions.

Friendship Workbook: Triumphs & Difficulties

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