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Free Telehealth Feelings Check-in

By Emily Hanlon

Let's face it, online learning is ROUGH. Telehealth sessions are ROUGH. It's hard on us as adults, so I cannot even fathom how our kids are managing and all the emotions they may be experiencing, especially when there doesn't seem to be any end in sight.

I created this free editable template that you can use with your students, clients, or own children each day. It is a feelings check-in created in a powerpoint file. You can email it to your client and go through it with them in session, and then encourage parents to use it a few times each day. To check in with them, maybe you could even share your screen and share what you have decided to add to yours.

The great thing about it being a powerpoint file is that it is editable, easily printable into small cards for kids, and can be changed and added to as the child's needs grow/change.

If this is something you end up using, please tag me! I love to see my resources in action!

Let's check in with your feelings..
Download PPTX • 10.19MB

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