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Free Resource: Emotional Awareness

By Emily Hanlon

It's coming towards the end of the year where our creativity is wavering and our motivation is running THIN. So I thought I would offer up a FREE resource to assist with emotional awareness. This resource is designed for primary school aged children and can be made perfectly pocket-sized in order to remain discrete.

Emotional awareness refers to our ability to identify that the emotions that we're experiencing at any given time. So to in order to manage your emotions effectively, you need to be able to first identify them, and really be sure of what you're feeling. And that is exactly where this activity comes in.

To put this activity together:

  1. Print the template attached to this blog and cut out each square (you can print back2back).

  2. Laminate the squares so that they are sturdy and can be written on with whiteboard marker and then erased for re-use.

  3. Hole punch the top corner of each card and use a key ring or some string to keep the cards together (I bulk buy key rings from my local dollar shop).

To implement this activity, simply talk through each emotion face with the child and ask them to identify the feeling. To take the activity one step further, you can ask them to show you the face in the mirror, give and give another word for the feeling. You can also ask them to identify what features of the face let them know the emotion i.e., 'the tears show me the face is sad.' On the next card, help the child identify all the things that trigger this emotion in them. Here, you are starting an open and healthy conversation around emotions, which is the first step in helping a child develop their emotional awareness.

You can give the pack to the child to keep or clean and reuse them with someone else...making it perfect for any, classroom, or home!

Click on the link below the image to download now. Enjoy!

This Feeling is
Download PDF • 6.09MB

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