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Free Emotional Regulation Workbook

By Emily Hanlon

To say another THANK YOU for all your support with my small business, I have created a free workbook for you guys, that includes six emotional regulation activities for you guys to use with your students, clients, or your own kids! Each activity comes with instructions on how to implement the activity, and lets you know whether you need any additional resources other than the templates provided.

Emotional regulation refers to the way we deal with big feelings like anger, excitement, frustration, anxiety or low mood. Regulation skills can be taught at home and at school. While some children are able to regulate their emotions well, other children need a little extra help with these skills. This workbook was created for the purposes of implementing emotional awareness, expression, and regulation activities for the kids who do need a little extra support. A lot of the activities in here are things I do in the clinic, but I have re-worded them or provided scripts so that anyone can easily implement them.

Download PDF • 18.24MB

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