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Free Choices Worksheet

By Emily Hanlon

At one point or another, every child is faced with a choice. Making 'cool' choices is something that comes more naturally for some children. Children with diagnoses such as ADHD, struggle with impulse control. This makes is difficult for them to take a second and think about which choice they should make.

This free worksheet was designed to help children reflect on their choices. This differs from other 'reflection sheets' because it ends with a self-esteem activity. This is so important because often the kids who make 'uncool choices' are always told about what they are doing wrong, and we forget to remind them about all the things they are doing right! Ending with a self-esteem task reminds them that their 'choice' does not define them.

Click on the link below to download the worksheet for free. And don't forget to tag me when you use it!!

Download PDF • 254KB

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