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5 Ways to Foster Your Child's Imaginative Play

Last month, I had the privilege of writing an article on fostering imaginative play, for a website called Safari.

Safari's mission statement is 'to use Toys That Teach to educate children about the importance of nature and its conservation through the joy of play.' I think this is such an important message, in a time where traditional play often comes second to technology. Safari is a one-stop-shop for the latest figurines, animal collections, dinosaur toys, sea animal figures, and many more toys that teach. These toys are absolutely perfect for a therapist looking to expand their play collection, specifically a play therapist. Each toy is researched and follows an anatomically accurate depiction of the animal in order to create a lifelike model, and is then hand painted. What I love is that no two Safari items are alike, meaning each piece is unique! What a beautiful touch to a toy collection! The link to my article can be found here:

Let me know what you guys think!

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