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There are so many resources for children, but it's a little more challenging to find appropriate ones for teens that help us explore the same concepts with them, at a more age appropriate and mature level. These cards have been designed with teenagers in mind. They offer teen-appropriate prompts using language that resonates with them, all while encouraging rapport building, emotional development, and self-esteem development.


There are 60 cards in total spread across three different topics. The topics include affirmations (blue cards), conversation starters (green cards), and emotions (orange cards). Specific instructions on how to print them are included upon purchase.


The Affirmation Cards: Affirmation cards are thoughtful first-person statements that encourage positive thinking and confidence. These cards can help teens reflect on ideas and positive self-talk.


Affirmation cards are a great tool for encouraging a positive mindset, as they act as prompts to connect with your inner self and ask questions that encourage positive self-reflection.


The affirmation cards in this bundle have been specifically created with teens in mind. Each card has a reflective prompt or activity on the back to encourage teens to think more deeply about the words on each card.


You can offer the teen a card each week and encourage them to reflect on it and the message it provides. They can collect all the cards over time and have the deck to reflect on in the future.


The Conversation Cards: Conversation cards are a playful way for teens to practice sharing things about themselves and expressing their thoughts and feelings.


They provide open-ended sentence starters that encourage conversation- supporting the teen's social and emotional development. They can also be used as a great rapport building tool in sessions.


The Emotion Cards: Emotion cards can be used as a learning experience for teenagers to discover the thoughts, feelings and behaviours associated with different emotions, and also encourage their emotional development. They can also be used as a way to express an emotion. Each emotion card, when printed, shows 5 synonyms for that feeling and provides a detailed description of what that feeling may look like and what is may mean. The emotions in this deck were mindfully chosen with teens in mind.

The Teenage Card Pack

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