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This workbook was created for the purposes of implementing activities around emotional development, social media/social skill development, and growth mindset. The activities have been designed to be implemented either 1:1 or in groups. In this pack, you'll find a range of activities...some of which you may have seen before that have been adjusted slightly to suit an older audience, as well as some brand new ones.


A lot of the activities in here are things I do in the clinic, but I have re-worded them or provided scripts for parents so that parents can easily implement them at home if they wish.


This workbook begins with information on working with teens, how to rapport build with teens and issues around confidentiality when working with teens.


Following these sections, you'll find 18 activities around the topics discussed. Each activity includes all relevant scripts, instructions, and templates. Each activity informs you of any additional materials you may need to successfully implement the activity. That being said, 90% of the activities included require nothing more than some drawing materials and the templates that I have created and included for you in this workbook.


Some of the activities are linked to each other and can be done sequentially, however most can be done in any order.

The Teen Activity Pack

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