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This bundle was born out of an idea I had when I was a young psychologist attending my very first IEP meeting. I literally remember saying to my supervisor 'I just wish there was a way to streamline this and have all the information and forms before hand. This process could be so much smoother with a little preparation!' Fast forward 7 years, and I have finally put that dream into practice and created this resource for you!


This resource has been designed in a way that means it can be used by anyone involved in the creation an IEP, not just psychologists! Parents, teachers, and other allied health professionals will find this very useful and relevant. It has also been designed to offer information relevant to both primary and senior school aged children.


This comprehensive info-guide provides you with information on:


  • What IEP's actually are
  • What purpose they serve and who is involved in their creation & implementation
  • Who should be included & role of each stakeholder in the creation of an IEP
  • The types of Goals included in an IEP
  • How to implement an IEP to ensure effectiveness
  • A full run down of the process (from pre-planning meetings to reviewing strategies) involved in an IEP


IEP's are complex documents, and so often we see them thrown together in haste, full of generic strategies that don't even relate to the child they're intended for. This resource will guide you to ensuring strategies are effective and individualised.


In addition to this comprehensive guide, you have access to editable templates to streamline these processes for you and make them as time efficient as possible. These include:


  • Editable Contact Log
  • Editable Invitation to Participate Letter
  • Editable Data Collection Sheet (plus a non-editable behaviour diary)
  • Editable Agenda Creation Form
  • Editable Progress Tracker
  • Editable Meeting Minutes & Agenda Form
  • Editable Full IEP Tempalte
  • Editable IEP Summary Sheet
  • About Me Booklet for children to complete and provide to new/temporary staff members
  • IEP Recommendations Guide (18 page document full of recommendations for different presentations to help get you started)


While some schools have their own templates, many do not. I hope this extremely comprehensive resource gives you the necessary tools to help your students, children, or clients achieve to their potential.

The IEP Bundle

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