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This resource has been designed to give you some strategies to assist children and teens with their goal setting. This guide will initially offer information on what goal setting is, the importance of goal setting, and the importance of a positive/growth mindset.


The next section of the guide is dedicated to helping children and teens understand how to set goals, and break these down into SMART goals. This section includes hand outs, worksheets, and goal tracking sheets to help them stay on track to reaching their goals.


The final section includes worksheets that help children and teens create goals. Although the guide includes several worksheets on how to break goals down into SMART goals, in my clinical practice I often notice that some clients struggle with creating big goals in the first place. These worksheets and activities are therefore designed to help children/teens create their big goals. The SMART goal sheets can then be used to break down these bigger goals into smaller, achievable steps.


The activity sheets included can be used with a range of ages (8-17) so that you can use this one resource with a range of clients/children.

The Goal Setting Activity Pack

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