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The new Fidget Bag's are now available, with brand new fidgets and an extra item!


Each bag now contains nine carefully selected fidget items in a hand made callico bag. The fidgets chosen have designed to be suitable for the classroom (with many of them not making a sound), while also encouraging sensory integration. Sensory integration is the term used to describe the way the brain organises sensations that an individual experiences within their environment. When an individual has sensory integration, they can:

  • Receive or take in sensory stimuli
  • Interpret the stimuli
  • Process the stimuli into a response; and
  • Adaptively respond to the stimuli


Each bag includes:

  • A zip bracelet fidget
  • Stretchy animal fidget
  • Squeezy animal key ring
  • Monster finger puppet fidget
  • Mesh marble fidget
  • Fidget poppit keyring
  • Small animal squish
  • Hand grip fidget
  • An additional fidget item (varies between a fidget spinner, grip fidget, maze cube, or a pop tube)


Please note: items and colours will vary.

The Fidget Bag

SKU: 22
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