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I posted something similar to these worksheets on my Instagram a few months ago, and so many people asked me to share it with them! The only problem was, I couldn't ever find it online again, so I made my own version!


These worksheets were designed to help children better understand triggers for their emotions, and the impact that emotions can have on their mental state and physical bodies. Each section comes with a complete 'how to' instruction page. These worksheets are designed for use with primary-school aged children (between the ages of 6 and 13), but like most of my resources, can be tailored for older children as well. Before administering these worksheets, you will find a list of recommended books to read with clients. You can choose the books that are most appropriate to your client/child/student, or choose your own. After each emotion, you will also notice that there is a mind map, that encourages the child to generate a list of possible coping strategies for that emotion. For the emotions that may not require coping strategies (i.e., happy/excited), you will find instructions on how to use these mind maps. There are eight emotion worksheets included in this pack and a blank template that you can print as many times as you need, where you can add your own feeling(s).


Lastly, you will find an 'experiment' worksheet, where children are encouraged to test the effectiveness of their strategies. This is because a lot of the time, we encourage children to come up with coping strategies for their big emotions but we do not give them the opportunity to test the efficacy of these strategies. The experiment worksheet does exactly that! It is a self-explanatory worksheet but a very important one. You can print it out as many times as you wish, and complete it as many times as necessary to create a list of effective and useful coping strategies for the child/children you are working with!

The Emotion Worksheet Pack

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