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This workbook was created for the purposes of implementing emotional awareness, expression, and regulation activities within the family home. A lot of the activities in here are things I do in the clinic, but I have re-worded them or provided scripts for parents so that parents can easily implement them at home.


I had always planned on creating a parent-friendly workbook, however with the COVID-19 lockdowns that have recently taken place, now seemed like the most fitting time to share this resource with you all!


This workbook begins with information (and templates) about creating daily routines and chore sheets for your children, as well as an entire section on emotional expression. These three sections alone have 17 templates for you to choose from!


Following these sections, you'll find activities that are aimed at encouraging emotional expression, awareness, understanding, and regulation within the home environment. I have included 75+ FREE templates for you to do these activities. So once you purchase this guide, you don't need to create a single worksheet, template or's all in here!


Each activity begins with telling parents what the activity is used for, the required materials, and then a brief section on how to implement the activity. Where necessary, all templates have been provided, as have brief scripts that you can use when explaining the activities to your kids. 90% of the activities included require nothing more than some drawing materials and the templates that I have created and included for you in this workbook. Some activities require some materials from the grocery store or Kmart, but you can improvise most of these and find what you need in the family home.


The activities in here are aimed primarily at children aged 5-15, but several of the activities can be used with younger children (the game based activities) as well as older children (journaling or reflection activities), so this really is a resource for every parent.


I hope this workbook helps parents implement some emotional learning into their online learning schedules!

The At-Home Emotion Activity Workbook

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