The A4 Magnet Pack includes x3 unique, flexible A4 magnets.


These magnets have been designed to encourage children to participate in quick mindfulness, gratitude, and emotional regulation tasks without feeling like they have to sit at a desk and 'learn.' They are also designed to be a visual reminder in the family home. 


Design One: Gratitude. The gratitude magnet encourages children to reflect on three things they are grateful for each day. Practicing gratitude daily helps children (and adults) think and feel more positively, reflect and relish their good experiences, manage adversity, and build strong emotional connections.


Design Two: Positive Self-Reflection. The self-reflection magnet encourages children to maintain a positive mindset by focusing on the things they are doing well each day, rather than focusing their energy on mistakes or mishaps. By shifting a child's focus to the positives, they develop a more positive self-esteem which in turn, helps them engage in more positive interactions with others.


Design Three: Emotional Awareness. This magnet is based on one of my best-selling digital products, The Emotion Worksheet Pack. This magnet was designed to help children better understand triggers for their emotions, and the impact that emotions can have on their mental state and physical bodies. Children are encouraged to write down the triggers for their feelings, rate the feeling, and understand where in their bodies they experience the physiological symptoms of that feeling. Building a child's emotional awareness helps them succeed when communicating with other people, and also helps them better regulate their emotions.


These magnets were designed for a home fridge however can also be used in a classroom or clinic space and simply stuck on existing magnetic white boards! The magnets are white board grade and can be used with any whiteboard marker. If you have left marker on your magnet for over 24 hours, simply use a drop of water and clean cloth to clean your magnets, no soap is required. 


This product is proudly Australian made and manufactured. 

The A4 Magnet Pack

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