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This digital resource has been designed to provide you with information on rapport building, while also offering you with a range of different activities that you can use with your clients. All these activities can be adapted to suit your therapy space, and can be used with children between the ages of 5-14. The final section of this guide will provide you with some general advice on rapport building with teenagers and how to make sure you are engaging with teens in a way that they both understand, and respect. 


This guide contains information on rapport building including definitions, how long to spend on rapport building, and other important considerations. It also includes 18 activities. Each activity will start with a theme, let you know what materials you need, and then give you a description of the activity and how to implement it. Where necessary, scripts on how to introduce the activity are included. Select activities also include templates to ensure you are well prepared for your new client.

Rapport Building Guide

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