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This resource contains two sections: a set of 52 affirmation cards and an affirmation bracelet activity. I personally love using affirmations, particularly with young children, for a number of reasons. Using Positive Affirmations regularly Boosts Confidence and validate efforts while also acknowledging challenges. Using positive affirmations regularly can also assist with the development of resilience and encourage the use of positive thinking.


The affirmations on these cards/templates are recommended for use with children between the ages of 6 and 12. As always, I have tried to make these resources as versatile as possible. For example, the cards can be printed as posters. I have also included blank templates for the bracelets for you and your child/student/client to create their own affirmations.


This set of beautifully illustrated affirmation cards contains 52 cards with different watercolour images on each: one for each week of the year. Print and laminate these cards before use. You can print the cards in any size; small enough to fit into your child's pocket or large enough to be a poster. I have created them as in A4-size to ensure they can be printed in high quality if you choose to create posters out of them. If using them as cards, I personally recommend printing them 'postcard' size (105x148mm) or just go into your printer settings and print x4 pages per page.


Choose one card each week and use it to help your child/student/client guide their week. They should be encouraged to read the card each morning and each night. At the end of the week, ask the child to reflect on how their affirmation helped them throughout the week. I have also included a 'Focus Questions' page to help facilitate conversations about the affirmations each week.


The bracelet activity section can be used in the classroom, home, therapy room, or in therapy groups. I have included 10 pre-made versions, as well as blank templates for you to create your own affirmations. Print these pages on A4 paper to ensure they are big enough to fit around the wrist.


The bracelets have been designed to promote ongoing use of positive affirmations. They serve as a physical reminder of these affirmations. More detailed instructions on how to put them together and use the resource are included in the resource.

Child Affirmation Pack

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