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Understanding Emotions: Clinician Workshop

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Have you gone through 4+ years of study and realised that you never learnt about emotions in children? I had this realisation a few months into my career...and I couldn't believe that 6+ years of university did not prepare me for working with children in this way. After all, emotions are the driving forces behind behaviour! If you're an allied health professional who is feeling 'stuck' when it comes to working on emotions with children, then this is the workshop for you. This professional development event will explore: - Stages of emotional development in children - Why it is important to shift focus from the ‘behaviour’ to the ‘underlying emotion’ - The components that contribute to a child’s emotional intelligence and emotional literacy - Why it is important to work on emotional growth with children - How emotional regulation difficulties can often be misdiagnosed - The link between emotional regulation difficulties and ‘bids for connection’ - The importance of a collaborative approach and ensuring parents are following through at home - How to work with parents and get parents on board with your strategies - Common assumptions that psychologists make when working with parents - How to gently challenge parents when they suggest that ‘nothing is working’ - Hands-on exercises to practice implementing strategies with both clients What's Included? - Prerecorded workshop video with interactive activities - Course workbook

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