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Pre-Recorded Group Supervision Block 1


Welcome to the Group Supervision Pre-Recorded Sessions! Many of you were unable to make the live sessions, so I have decided to make the recordings available for you to purchase, at a heavily discounted rate ($160 off the original price). While you cannot use the recorded sessions as official supervision hours, you are able to log them as professional development. The topics include: - Autism vs ADHD. How to differentiate between the two? - ACT vs CBT therapy. How do I know which one to use with a particular client!? - Establishing Rapport: What's the rush!? - Anxiety and Autism: Why are they often comorbid? - Navigating Stakeholders Meetings - Case Formulation: Collecting & making sense of client information to inform your treatment plan Each session also contains a ZIP file full of relevant PDF's and other information corresponding video, so be sure to download them all!!

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