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The Autism Masterclass

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Welcome to the Autism Masterclass! I am so excited to have you here. I have a particular interest in developmental delay, specifically, Autism Spectrum Disorder. This interest grew at a young age when my little brother was diagnosed with autism. I find the world of autism fascinating, but find the lack of formal education provided to therapists, support workers, parents and educators, disappointing. This course on autism spectrum disorders was born out of a desire to fill a hole in our current curriculums. So many therapists and teachers have told me that their tertiary studies lacked education on autism and that they didn’t know where to turn to for more information. This five-part course has been designed to inform parents, educators, therapists, carers, and support workers about autism. This course differs from most because it is taking a multi-faceted approach to autism. It is not only looking at one specific presentation of autism and is absolutely not only looking at autism in children. Through this five-part series, you will build your knowledge base around autism as a whole. Workshop 1: Introduction to Autism Workshop 2: How an Autism Diagnosis can Impact other Family Members (specifically siblings) Workshop 3: How to Approach/Manage Interactions with Your Child’s School/Your Student's Parents Workshop 4: Therapeutic Options for Autism Workshop 5: Autism & Adulthood. Each workshop is accompanied by a free workbook full of additional information/resources.

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