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This workshop will take place at 9am AEST on Tuesday February 4th 2025. If you are unable to attend live, it will be recorded and you will be able to access the recording for one month. **Please email me to discuss payment plans: This 6-hour workshop will cover the following topics: An introduction to ADHD: - What is ADHD? - What causes ADHD? - Differential Diagnoses: - ADHD vs Autism - ADHD vs Anxiety - Trauma vs ADHD - ADHD and Executive Functioning - ADHD and the social media ‘trends’ ADHD and Females: - Differences in Diagnostic Presentations Between Males and Females - Why Do Girls 'Fly Under the Radar?' - Misdiagnosis: The Common Culprits - ADHD Stereotypes vs Common Female Presentations - Diagnostic Process for ADHD in Females - Diagnostic Considerations for ADHD in Females - Masking and ADHD in Females and How This May Result in Late diagnosis - Supporting female ADHD’ers - Mental Health Considerations - Children and Teens: School Provisions - Adults: Workplace Provisions - ADHD and Burnout Across the Lifespan - Share Lived Experiences of Females with ADHD - Strengths associated with ADHD and how to ensure ADHD’ers are Utilising their strengths - Therapeutic practices for female ADHD’ers and How These Approaches May Differ From Males - Setting Appropriate Therapeutic Goals for Clients with ADHD - Everyday strategies for ADHD: Is There a One Size Fits All Approach? Please note: if you are a Forum member, you have access to a discounted ticket rate. Please check the forum for details on how to access this.

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