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The CBT Course: Implementing CBT with Children

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Let me guess. You're here because you 'learnt' about CBT at university but didn't actually learn how to implement CBT with children? You weren't actually taught any strategies on how to make it fun & engaging for children? You're not alone. And this is not your average CBT course. You are going to finish this resource with so many ideas, you'll be buzzing to start. Unlike other courses, there's no sales gimmick at the end telling you to buy more resources. Everything you need is included right here. What's Included? - 4 video lessons - Free exclusive CBT Resource Guide & CBT activity worksheets - Free therapy outline for CBT - Free copy of the CBT Journal and Workbook - Free emotional regulation workbook, thought challenging worksheets, thought logs & trauma focused CBT workbook - Downloadable video on the rollercoaster story - Downloadable video on thoughts, feelings, and behaviours - Downloadable video on the happy vs worry brain The 4 Lessons Cover: 1: CBT Recap: outlining the principles of CBT therapy 2: Basic CBT techniques: understand whether CBT is appropriate for your client & the differences between CBT for adults vs children 3: CBT & Children: follow the downloadable therapy structure & understand how to explain CBT to children using 3 downloadable videos 4: Implementation: explore ways to make CBT interactive & engaging for kids with a range of CBT activities. Learn how to work with parents, setting homework tasks, & how to mix CBT with other modalities

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