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Understanding Emotions: Parenting Workshop


This parenting workshop will help parents better understand their child’s behaviour by shifting the focus to their child’s emotions. Topics covered include: - A breakdown of behaviour and what it is trying to tell us - Why it is important to shift focus from the ‘behaviour’ to the ‘underlying emotion’ - What is ‘normal’ behaviour - The components that contribute to a child’s emotional intelligence and emotional literacy - Why it is important to work on emotional growth with children - The link between emotional regulation difficulties and ‘bids for connection’ - How to strengthen the connection with your child in short amounts of time - A step-by-step walk through of emotion coaching - How to manage behaviour at home vs in public
Different parenting styles…which is best? - When to seek help for your child As part of this workshop you will have access to the Parenting Resource Guide (RRP $12), The Social & Emotional Milestone Cards (RRP $15), plus more freebies including a PDF copy of the content, summary handouts, and a book guide on emotions.

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