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Understanding Emotions: Parenting Workshop


Parenting is a tough gig. And really, given how complex parenting should really come with a manual, right!? I may not have that magical manual, but I do have the next best thing: this workshop. I believe that it is out job as parents to do better than the generation before us. We have access to information that no generation before them has had. And with that comes responsibility. So when I say we need to do better than our parents did, I don’t mean that they did a bad job. I mean they laid an excellent foundation, and it’s our turn to build on that with what we are so blessed to have access to. But, where do you start? This workshop will help you better understand your child’s behaviour by shifting the focus to your child’s emotions. Topics include: - A breakdown of behaviour & what it is trying to tell us - Why it is important to shift focus from the ‘behaviour’ to the ‘underlying emotion’ - What constitutes ‘normal’ behaviour - The link between emotional regulation difficulties & ‘bids for connection’ - How to strengthen the connection with your child in short amounts of time - A guide on emotion coaching - How to manage behaviour at home vs in public
 - Different parenting styles…which is best? - When to additional support for your child What's Included? - 75 minute workshop video - Parenting Resource Guide (RRP $12) - Social & Emotional Milestone Cards (RRP $15) - Emotions Book/Resource Guide - Summary Handouts - Additional PDF Freebies

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