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Creating & Implementing Strategies That Work

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Have you ever sat in a session with a client and heard the parents/educators say something like 'nothing you have suggested is working.' Let me guess, a statement like this has started a landslide of imposter syndrome, am I right? What if I told you, that there is nothing wrong with the strategies you are implementing, but perhaps it is the implementation itself that needs some work? The purpose of this workshop is to help you streamline your therapeutic services and help you take average strategies and elevate them into something effective. You will learn how to create your own strategies, how to present them to all stakeholders, and how to ensure they are implemented properly and are EFFECTIVE. Because, what's the use of having hundreds of strategies up your sleeve if they aren't making any difference to client outcomes? In you will learn how to create and implement effective strategies in a time efficient and organised way. What's Included? - A 22 minute video, demonstrating exactly how to create effective strategies - A resource portfolio of over 15 free, downloadable resources and templates that you can use with your clients

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