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Understanding ADHD: Exploring the Whole Picture


I don't know about you guys, but I don't remember learning about ADHD assessments or therapy at university at all. Considering so many psychologists end up in the field of developmental psychology, this seems crazy! This online ADHD workshop has been designed to explore ADHD from childhood to adulthood. In this three-part workshop you will learn about ADHD from different perspectives. PART 1: What is ADHD? What causes ADHD? ADHD vs Autism ADHD vs Anxiety How is ADHD diagnosed? What areas of the brain are affected? What does ADHD look like in toddlerhood, childhood, and adulthood? PART 2: What are the positive aspects of ADHD? Can you outgrow ADHD? Therapeutic options for ADHD Medication for ADHD Therapeutic goals for ADHD PART 3: How do you 'treat' ADHD? Developing social skills in children with ADHD How do you do this through an allied health approach? General classroom adjustments and strategies for ADHD General adjustments and strategies for ADHD in the home Visuals, rewards, and bribes...what's the difference!? What's Included? - x3 video lessons - Downloadable workbook - Free copy of the ADHD Resource Guide (RRP $12) - Free copy of the Behaviour Bundle (RRP $10)

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