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Entering the Allied Health Workforce


Entering the Allied Health Workforce? This workshop is intended for anyone who is about to enter the allied health workforce, or has been it in a while and needs a little guidance. This workshop is going to be broken into three parts: pre-graduation, post-graduation, and finally, boundaries, goal setting and self-care. This workshop is full of information that I WISH I had when I was about to enter the workforce, and I really think you will get a lot of benefit from it. As part of this workshop, you also have access to several free PDF downloads. Part 1: Pre Graduation/Registration What I wish I learnt at university - Applying for a masters program - Work experience - Picking your placements Part 2: You've Graduated, Now What!? - Choosing a supervisor - Applying for jobs/ Choosing the right job - Salary vs contractor considerations - Reviewing a contract - Imposter syndrome - Case notes & GP letters - How many clients should you see per day? - Admin time vs billable hours - Workplace organisation - Curating resources for the workplace - Organising your resources: tool kits vs session planning - Report writing and person centred approaches Part 3: Boundaries, Goal Setting & Self-Care - Boundary setting from day one: with clients and your workplace - Boundaries when working with children - Goal setting and staying motivated - Self-care in allied health - Peer supervision - Burnout & career longevity - Career Options

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