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The Family Forum

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Have you heard that incredible quote by Gemma Douglas? ‘I try so hard to be the gentle parent. But I’m not all the time. Because sometimes I’m the impatient parent, the reactive parent, and the struggling parent. Sometimes I’m the anxious parent, the exhausted parent, and the overwhelmed parent. But I’m also the committed parent, the loving parent, and the forever-trying parent.’ If you’re the forever-trying parent (like me), then keep reading. I want parents to think of this like having a psychologist on speed dial. So many people cannot afford to see a psychologist ongoing, or simply cannot get into one due to waitlists. While this new Forum isn’t replacing ongoing and individualised psychological therapy, it is there to support and guide parents towards resources and services that they may require, while also helping them solve tricky problems they may be having. Maybe parents have a question they want to ask, but don’t know where to turn. Maybe parents want access to ongoing resources from allied health professionals. Maybe parents are sick and tired of seeing perfect instagram parenting and want to know they aren’t alone in their daily struggles. THIS is where the Family Forum comes in. A place where we can all put our heads together and support one another, with children up to the age of 18 years. The support of a child & adolescent clinical psychologist in your pocket. Each month you receive: - 1 hr group call (recorded & uploaded for those who cannot attend) - A new parenting related article written by Emily (clinical psychologist) each month - Video workshops and interviews with other allied health clinicians, answering your parenting questions - Book reviews and recommendations - Access to a private discussion group - Exclusive access to all The Playful Psychologist parenting workshops valued at $449 - Access to a selection of the Playful Psychologist digital resources valued at over $130

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