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Un-complicating the Teenage Years


You know the saying, men are from Mars, women are from Venus and teenagers....well they're in a whole other universe! There isn’t necessarily a specific moment that children go from little kids to teenagers, but all parents I speak to say that they remember the first time they realised their child wasn’t their little baby anymore. During adolescents, big changes take place. Our biggest downfall is that we often expect them to think and behave like an adult, even though their brains are very different to an adult’s brain and won’t be fully developed until they’re in their twenties. They are stuck in this vortex of not being kids anymore, but also not being adults.When kids transition from childhood into adolescence, we often feel like we 'don't know them anymore. This workshop will explore the teenage years and help clinicians & parents better understand the changes that go on during adolescence, while also providing hands on strategies to use with teenagers. Topics include: - Social & Emotional Changes that Occur During the Teen Years - Peer Pressure - Parenting Styles & Associated Outcomes - The Role Adults Play in Teen Development - 5 Messages Every Adolescent Needs to Hear - Emotion Coaching with Teenagers - Strategies for Engaging Teens - How to Engage & Communicate with Teens in a Non-Judgemental Way What's Included? - 60 minute video - Workshop workbook - 8 PDF downloads

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