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There's a lot of subscription options out there for psychologists. Some of them are expensive and the feedback I've received is that they weren't worth the investment. I've done my research, asked YOU what you want. I've left out all the 'fluff' that other programs include. I ask YOU what topics you would like workshops on, and I'm always looking for ways to offer more value to this community. Why did I do this? To keep it relevant & affordable. I remember what it is like...desperate to learn but also financially stressed. I want to make this accessible for you, without the stress of how you're going to afford it. The Forum Includes: - A monthly group supervision session via zoom (recorded and uploaded if you are unable to attend) - A new 30 minute professional development workshop each month that can be counted towards professional development (pre-recorded) - A monthly resource and research article delivered to the platform based on the topics discussed in the workshop/supervision - Access to a private Facebook community - Access to a growing library of NPE resources, including PDF resources, an NPE study bible and three sets of practice questions - Access to a growing library of Masters resources, including an interview with Dr Peta Stapleton from Bond University on how to best prepare for masters interviews - A free copy of the Student & Graduate Guide (RRP $16) To learn about subscription options, please visit:

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3 Plans Available, From $29.00/month


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