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The WISC-V & WIAT-IV online, live workshop will take place on April 9th 2024 from 9.30am-2.30 pm.


This 5-hour workshop can be counted as CPD hours and a certificate of completion can be provided for you.


This workshop is designed to help clinicians interpret WISC and WIAT results. While it will include information on these assessments itself, it will not focus on administration.


The workshop will cover information on:


  • What are the WISC/WIAT assessments?
  • What are they used for and who are they used for?
  • What do the WISC-V subtests tell us?
  • What are the WISC-V ancillary scores and what do they tell us?
  • What are the WISC-V supplemental subtests used for?
    • What are the WIAT-IV subtests and what do they tell us?
  • How do you  interpret the WISC-V and WIAT-IV?
  • When do you report the FSIQ vs GAI?
  • What is a discrepancy analysis and what does it tell us?


During the workshop, we will also go through 5 separate sets of scores and in groups, will interpret these scores. We will then come together to discuss each set of scores. 


Participants will be provided with all relevant PDF's and handouts, as well as a free copy of the Report Writing Template Bundle which includes sample reports for both assessments (RRP $87).


Tickets are non-refundable.


Early Bird pricing ends February 5th.

Interpreting the WISC & WIAT Workshop: Live & Online

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