The Emotion Activity Box is a box of curated items that are designed to help you explore emotions with your child, student, or client. This box contains the materials for SIX activities that focus on developing emotional awareness and regulation skills, as well as exploring and improving self-esteem. 


The activities in each box focus on:


Emotional awareness: essentially being able to identify the emotions you're experiencing at any given time. To manage your emotions effectively, you first need to be as sure as possible of what you're feeling.


Emotional understanding: Emotion understanding may be defined as the child's understanding of the nature, causes, and control/regulation of emotion, or as the way in which the child identifies, predicts, and explains emotion in him/herself and others


Emotional expression: Emotional expression refers to how one conveys emotional experience through both verbal and nonverbal behaviour. Emotional expression should be distinguished from emotional experience in that it is possible to experience emotions without expressing them.


Emotional Regulation: Emotional regulation, sometimes called self-regulation, refers to the way we deal with big feelings like anger, excitement, frustration, anxiety or low mood. Regulation skills can be taught at home and at school. Some people need extra help from a professional like a counsellor.


Self-Esteem: an individual’s overall sense of self-worth or personal value; confidence in one's own worth or abilities.


Each box contains:


  • ABC Coping Card Deck (RRP $19)
  • 6  instruction Cards (1 per activity including a list of materials and instructions on how to implement the activity)
  • Materials for the five activities: 
    • A5 Journal
    • A6 Notebook
    • Pack of balloons
    • Permanent marker
    • Tub of Theraputty
    • Coloured Paper & Craft Bag
    • Mini tub of slime (just a little fidget toy for the kids, not part of an activity)


Please note: each box is only available in limited numbers. Once sold out, they will not be restocked. New boxes with different materials and activities will be available for purchase in the future.


Final note: colours of materials in each box may vary. 

The Emotion Activity Box