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These fidget edamame toys are perfect for little fingers! They not only work on fine motor strength, but also help young children (or adults!!) an opportunity to fidget quietly. That’s right! These fidgets are completely quiet, making them the perfect item to keep in the school uniform pocket for when things get tough!


Children who struggle with sustained attention, including those with ADHD/ASD/SPD, require movement to increase their alertness, help them stay tuned into the lesson at hand, and assist them with cognitive tasks by occupying the parts of their brain that might otherwise be distracted by extraneous stimuli. For some children, fidgeting might even be a form of calming ritual (or ‘stimming’ for ASD children), which can help comfort and ground them when they are overly stimulated by their environment, by providing predictability, routine, familiarity, and structure.


**please note, as with any toy, wear and tear is common and small pieces may fall apart. Please keep away from children under 3 to ensure there is no risk of choking on these small parts.

The Edamame Fidget

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