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This behaviour guide was created to provide clinicians and therapists with tools required to begin a behavioural assessment, collect data, understand the data collected, formulate a plan, and administer basic strategies. This guide was not created with a specific 'diagnosis' in mind, however can be used with a number of behavioural difficulties. Please note that this guide is exactly that...a GUIDE! It was designed to guide you in the right direction, and offer a starting point. it was not designed as a complete treatment plan. The information in this guide was developed to be used with primary school-aged children, but I would recommend the strategies in this guide for clients aged 3-11. This is the perfect resource for a new graduate counsellor/psychologist or anyone wanting to build their professional tool kit!


It includes 73 pages full of templates that are ready for you to print and use, protocols for behavioural assessment, protocols for stakeholders meetings, and information around emotional intelligence, what causes behaviour, and how to analyse behaviour. I have also included links to free assessments that I use, and forms I use in meetings. Finally, you'll find some of my tips for behavioural observations, as well as the protocols I like to follow when working with a family for the first time.


**This bundle was updated in March 2022 with a new 'printer friendly' look, new information and resources. Font sizes were also condensed to make printing easier and more sustainable.

The Behaviour Bundle: Revised

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