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These cards have been designed as a guide to provide you with information and suggestions on different developmental milestones across infancy, childhood, and through to adolescence. They outline the social and emotional milestones that children reach at different ages and offer information, strategies, and in some cases, links to additional reading you can do to inform yourself on how to help your child.


Across the 109 cards included in this resource, you will find information related to children from infancy (0 years) to the late teenage years (18 years), ensuring that you will get ample use of this resource for years to come. As well as milestones, I have included 'information cards' on a some topics that required more of an explanation, and have also included links on some cards where you can find more information if you please! Some cards also include suggestions for books you can purchase to use with your child or educate yourself on a particular topic.


Please interpret the ages of each milestone with caution. I am a firm believer that every child develops at their own pace and will reach their milestones in due time. These cards are meant to serve as a general guide for when children typically reach each milestone. It is important to give your child some leeway when reaching social and emotional milestones. 


Please note: this resource if currently only available as a digital download. Instructions on how to properly print this resource can be found at the beginning of the document once purchased. 


Each card is numbered so that you can easily put them back in order if your toddler *accidently* decides to throw them across the room!

Social & Emotional Milestone Cards

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