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Sensory issues are very misunderstood in our society. This guide attempts to help bridge this knowledge gap in two ways: to educate people on sensory processing disorder and to offer strategies for managing sensory overload. I have included two articles in this guide that help explain developmental delay and sensory processing disorder. I have also included specific information on the main sensory systems that are often overloaded in people with SPD. These include: the vestibular, proprioception, tactcile, oral motor, auditory, olfactory and visual systems. Under each of these headings, not only will you find information about how these systems can be over or under stimulated, but also specific hacks that will save you money when determining what strategies you want to use with your kids. Sensory resources can be extremely extemely expensive (i.e., weighted blankets!!), so I have tried to provide parents, based on my clinical experience, alternatives to these costly options.


You will also find useful links and other resources at the end of the guide that I recommend, as well as my favourite sensory-related instagram accounts!


NB: This guide offers sensory strategies and sensory suggestions based on my clinical experience. I am not an occupational therapist and am in no way aiming to diagnose or make specific suggestions on what each individual may need to meet their sensory needs. Instead, this guide has been designed to provide you with information about various sensory processing issues, and then offers alternatives to expensive sensory items, as well as ideas on how to incorporate sensory strategies into every day life.


Sensory Hacks Guide

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