This manual has been created to help parents, caregivers, teachers, counsellors, and psychologists alike, to navigate various resources and choose the ones that are most beneficial to them.


As a psychologist, and now a parent, I often get overwhelmed with choice when it comes to buying new resources, and sometimes I find it difficult to determine which resources I should buy. After all, neither my ‘professional development’ fund nor my 'parenting funds' are not limitless!!


I also hope that this resource will benefit students and new graduates who work with kids and their parents. I think back to being a student/provisional psychologist myself and how overwhelmed I was with all the resource choices available to me! I truly hope that this guide takes some of the confusion away from you.


This guide includes several pages of research-based information, to help inform and educate users of the guide, on parenting-related concerns. This will help you understand and navigate the resources in a more organised manner. There are so many amazing resources

out there and unfortunately, I could not include them all in this guide. I have included the resources that I have both used and recommended to my own clients.


Please note: If I would not recommend it to/for my own client(s), it was not included in this manual.


After each resource, you will notice that I have included links for you to purchase the resource (both in Australia and internationally). I researched each resource while I was writing this guide and included the links for the cheapest deals I could find, including shipping. However, please note that the prices of resources are always subject to change.


Lastly, you'll notice that there is a section of this resource guide FULL of free links for you to navigate. Enjoy!!

Resource Guide: Parenting