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Worry stones have been used all over the world, dating back to ancient times. To put it simply, the theory behind them is that the action of rubbing on the stone and holding thoughts or intentions can alleviate stress and anxiety. For many people, these stones simply offer a physical touchpoint when they're dealing with stress and anxiety. For children, often providing them with something tactile in a moment of heightened stress, can act as a sort of pocket-sized comforter.


I have created a child-friendly version called 'Relaxation Rocks.' I personally prefer labelling these as a positive resource rather than using an association to 'worry,' as I believe the term 'worry stone' limits the use of such a versatile resource.


These relaxation rocks can be used as a preventative strategy or in a moment of stress/anxiety, and are small enough to fit in the school pencil case or in a child’s pocket.


Each pack of relaxation rocks contains 15 small stones which are perfect for little hands, as well as instructions offering six different ways you can use these with children.


Please note: these are not crystals. These are glass stones that should be used with caution. These stones are small and pose a chocking risk. They should not be used without close supervision with children under the age of 5.

Relaxation Rocks