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This activity has been designed to help children understand the impacts of negative thinking. This activity, follows a CBT approach, and can be used in conjunction with the CBT Journal, which is also available via the website.


The purpose of this activity is to physically show children the impact of negative thoughts building up in our brain. As we know, concepts like this can be tricky for children to understand. That's why, with the help of these craft-based activities, you can help children understand these concepts in a visual manner.


This activity has been designed to show children that, when they fill their minds with negative thoughts, there isn't much room left over for any other type of thought. It also show's children that, when their mind is full of negative thoughts, it is difficult for them to think clearly make make cool choices.


I have included specific instructions on FOUR different ways to implement the activity, and provided a simple script for engaging children in the activity. This means that, no matter the ability levels of your client, or the materials you have quick access to, there will be an easy way to implement this activity!


The activity pairs well with the CBT Journal.

My Mind is Full: Explaining Negative Thinking to Children

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