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A mindfulness tool kit is something I often use with young children. I used to use the term 'tool kit' in a metaphorical sense, but I have found that having something tangible to focus on, was much more beneficial for young children.


The purpose of the tool kit is to have a box full of a variety of mindfulness activities that children can engage in. The tool kit serves as a 'stepping stone' between the child relying completely on an adult to assist with emotional regulation, and total independence. What I mean by this is that, instead of a child needing to be completely guided through the mindfulness strategies in the tool kit, they are instead simply guided to the tool kit, and then autonomously choose an activity from the tool kit to engage in.


This resource guides you through four of my FAVOURITE mindfulness strategies to include in your very own mindfulness tool kit. In addition, you will also find included:

- Information on what mindfulness is and how create and use a mindfulness tool kit

- Three of my favourite mindfulness apps, with links to download (all free downloads)

- Four additional resources to continue working on mindfulness with children (links to purchase included)

- An exclusive discount code to receive a 5% discount on the Anxiety Resource Guide

Mindfulness Tool Kit

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