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When you drop your kids off at school, they're gone for 7-8 hours before you get the chance to talk to them again. In some cases, parents have to leave for work before their kids get up for school, or are at work until after the kids have gone to bed meaning 12+ hours can pass before parents are able to communicate with their little ones. Lunch box notes are a great way to bridge that communication gap. This pack includes information on Love Languages in children, and includes 8 'notes' templates that can be used with any child to support/feed their love language, remind them of something important, or just let them know they care. The 8 templates can be re-printed and re-used as many times as you need, and with as many kids as you need! Pair this resource with the Daily Planner resource, also available online, to prepare yourself well in advance for the week ahead! Please note: images include a sneak peak of 4 of the templates, however you receive EIGHT templates, as well as the information on love languages.

Lunch Box Notes

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