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Have you ever thought about growing your allied health practice online, but you just didn't know where to start? Maybe you're trying to create more flexibility or work life balance, or maybe it feels like  groundhog day, doing the same clinical work day in and day out. 


This 1 hour, Live Q&A will take place on March 26th 2024 at 7pm NSW time.


This event is an opportunity for you to ask questions of someone who has been there before you. Learn from the mistakes that I have made, ask for the advice I had to figure out myself, get realistic, 'unfluffy,' practical steps on how to move forward. 


We will explore:

  • How I started 
  • What do you need to get started
  • What to spend money on vs what to DIY
  • How to get your name out there
  • Plus more


Of course, ample time will be allocated for questions, as this is the whole part of this event.


As part of this Q & A you will also receive a PDF copy of the exact steps I followed to get started, as well as a list of resources that were *actually* useful.

LIVE Q&A: Shifting Your Allied Health Business Online

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