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This resource was designed to be used for students starting a new school or transitioning into high school. They are a series of 12 small social stories that target specific areas of worry when going to a new school, including navigating social interactions, who to talk to, where to go when you have a problem, getting lost, and asking for help. This resource was designed to be printed, cut out, and laminated so that you are left with small, durable cards. I often recommend that each card is hole punched and put on a small key ring to ensure they don’t get lost. It is often a great idea to keep these in the bag, pencil case, or pocket of a student to ensure they are easily accessible throughout the day. You can pick and choose which cards to include for your student/client/child. Before you laminate them, you may notice that some cards have spaces for your child to write on them. It may be useful to add to these cards prior to laminating them. I have created the following two cards as a title page and explanation page for students. It is your choice whether to include them or not!

High School Emergency Cards

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