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The Healthy Minds Poster has been designed to be a visual reminder for kids on the importance of taking care of their mental well-being. While we have placed a strong empasis recently on the importance of mental health, young people still require some guidance and reminders on the best way to take care of their mental health. This poster has been designed to fit into any classroom, clinic, waiting room, or home, to encourage children to check in and use the visuals to make sure they are looking after themselves. The poster includes both words and visuals to ensure it can be used with a wide range of ages.


The visuals included on the poster can then be used to spark conversations about the impact things like an unhealthy diet or a lack of sleep can have on our mood/overall mental health.


The poster has been created to print in high resolution up to A2 size, but can be printed as small as A5 if desired. To print the poster, I went to my local print shop and they printed it for me on cardstock. You can however also print it on normal paper and laminate it if you desire. 

Healthy Minds Poster

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