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These fidget pens come in two colours: black and rose gold. Each pen uses black-ink and has six fidget components and are specifically designed for older children and adults, who may benefit from fidgeting but who also may have outgrown conventional fidget items, such as fidget spinners. Although people seem to be divided as to whether fidgeting is beneficial, current research shows us that physical activity, even as small as foot tapping, chewing, or fiddling, increases the frequency of neurotransmitters (neural arousal) in the brain that are responsible for focus and attention. Research has also shown a correlation between working with our hands (i.e., fiddling/fidgeting) and increased memory and creativity. That is, fidgeting helps people better process and retain information.


In this case, because the fidget components have been built into a pen, they are also suitable for the classroom, without being overly distracting to both the user, and their peers.

Fidget Pens

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