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This game was designed to encourage emotional awareness, build emotional intelligence, and develop emotion-based problem solving skills. All emotion (green) cards are places in a pile upside down. Next to this pile, all situation (blue) cards are also places in a pile upside down. Each player picks one card from each pile and has to answer the situation card based on their emotion. This game encourages children to think outside the box. If played in a group and a child is stuck, the group can problem solve, which also develops social skills! There are a number of different ways to use these cards. You could even use the emotion cards to play charades, or use the cards to 'act it out' as a fun group activity. This is a really versatile bunch of cards so that you can use them exactly how YOU want to! Tag me in your posts so that I can see how YOU decide to use this game!

Emotion Card Game: Places & Feelings

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