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This poster is meant to be used as a group activity. It is actually perfect for a social skills group or a quick classroom activity on self-esteem and identity. Basically the group is given 10-15 minutes to go around the classroom and ask their peers to describe them using one word. The only rule is, the word has to be POSITIVE and TRUE! At the end, each child can share their poster with the group/class. They can be used to decorate the classroom, or taken home and used as a self-esteem poster! I am making a conscious effort to ensure my resources are as versatile as possible, so I have designed this so that it can also be used in 1 : 1 therapy. If you are using it with an individual client, simply cut off the yellow side strip, and ask them to create a mindmap about themselves using only positive words! One resource, many possibilities! 

All About Me: A Self-Esteem Activity For The Whole Class/Group!

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