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These affirmation cards were specifically designed for adolescents aged 13-19. I personally designed them for a female client, but they can be used with anyone. I have created them in an A4 format so that they can be printed in good quality as posters. However, if you want to print them as cards, you can print them as 4 per page for a smaller size. There are twenty cards in this pack: 10 of them are a landscape design and 10 are a portrait design.


I personally love the idea of affirmation cards for adolescents. I often suggest that they are emailed to clients so that they can screen shot them, and add them to a specific photo album on their phones. This way they can access them whenever they need to. I also find that sometimes (not always) adolescents like resources on their phones rather than hard copies, as their phones are always with them! 

Adolescent Affirmation Cards

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